How to order:


1.) Send photos and stories that capture your pet's look &
personality to:

2.) Review the online preview of your custom caricature. Give feedback or "OK to print"!

3.) Wait for your artwork to arrive in the mail. Frame
and display immediately!

Prices & Policies:

Prices are based upon the number of pets and/or people in the picture, the dimensions of the final artwork, and the chosen print medium (canvas, water color paper or acid-free paper).

Prices shown below are for a one pet portrait. Shipping is additional. WA residents please add 8.8% tax.


on canvas
*stretching not included



on water color paper





archival, card-stock paper






archival, card-stock paper

Please note the following:

  • Change requests are limited to no more than 3 modifications per commission.
  • Hard copy photos will be returned with the completed print.
  • Colors vary from computer monitor to monitor. As such, colors in the final artwork may look slightly different in person.
  • I do not distribute digital files. As the artist, I retain all copyright and reproduction rights to the images created.
  • I ask for payment in advance. After receiving a good photo or 2, info and payment, I can get started.

Please email or phone me (206.850.5053) with any questions. Thank you for your interest!


--Bridie Saccocio, April 2005

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